Make a Bracelet Holder From Paper Towel Tube

You can now organize your bracelets,bangles and watches with this DIY bracelet holder. All you need is the following:

  •  an old cardboard, old magazine or an empty paper towel roll
  •  scissors
  • masking tape
  • glue gun/stick or mod podge
  • wallpaper sticker or any kind of fabric
  • candle holder or ice cream glass cup

1. Prepare your supplies. If you don’t have an ice cream glass cup, any glass will do, just make sure it is a little heavy. This will hold the entire weight of your bracelets. I used an old cardboard from my school project.

here are the other things you can use as rollers:

  •  old magazine
  •  empty paper towel roll
  •  an old plastic folder



2. Roll your cardboard. About 1 1/2 to 2 inches in diameter, or as long as it will fit your smallest bangle or bracelet.



3. Secure it by putting a masking tape around the cardboard,you don’t need to cover the whole thing with masking tape, but make sure the edges are well-tight and secured.


4. I used wall paper sticker as cover,cut it just few inches larger than your roller. Roll the sticker paper and cover the entire cardboard, same if you will be using a fabric or a gift wrapper,you will be needing a glue, a double sided tape  or a mod podge to  affix it to your roller. You will notice that there is sticker paper left on both edges. Simply tuck the excess sticker paper or fabric inside on each end.


5. I didn’t get a perfectly smooth roller because my card board created scores when I rolled it, but that’s ok,  it served as a rustic effect.You may cover the edges with a colored paper or a decorative lace to make it look more fancy.


6. Now, get your ice cream glass cup, I used this because it’s a little heavy and has a wider mouth that can hold the roller into place. Turn it upside down and apply a hot glue on the edge of the glass. Put some more to add stability. You may also use a candle holder but you will be needing a dowel and put it inside the candle holder and past through the roller by making a tiny hole on it. Since a candle holder has a narrow mouth, you need a dowel to prevent the roller from wiggling. 


7. Immediately place the roller on the top of the ice cream glass cup, make sure to mark the center.


8. Allow your bracelet holder to dry.


9. Gently slip all your bracelets. You now have a DIY bracelet holder, that’s so fast and easy to make. 



No more bracelets clutter on the table. Enjoy!!!


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Make a Bracelet Holder From Paper Towel Tube

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