Denim Phone Case/Pouch For iPhone or Any Other Smartphone

Instead of throwing your unused clothing/denim pants, why not make it into something useful? Here’s one way on how to lessen your clutter at home and make money out of it.

Gather your supplies and just simply follow the steps below.




  1. Use your phone as a guide for your case’s size. Trace each side using a black marker. You may use a ruler if you want a perfect line. But if you’re a master in drawing lines, using a ruler can be optional. Since I chose to paint a cat face on my phone case, I drew a triangle-shaped on the upper corner of both sides as its ears. Remember, whatever design is accepted. You may explore your artistic side and choose whatever design you like.

  1. Combine the two fabric (front & back) and put a sewing pin at the middle and at the side. This will prevent your fabric from misaligning. Cut the fabric carefully and follow the pattern accordingly.

  1. Draw the design you like on the (front) fabric. Use white acryclic paint as your base color and let it dry. Paint your fabric according to your design.

  1. Sew the sides of the fabric except the upper part. And, you’re done. (Since I will be using this case, I decided to put a charm with my name on it. Note: This is optional.)



Now you have your very own denim phone case. Try it out yourself and with some friends. By doing this you may not only help yourselves but our nature, too. Enjoy DIY-ing, guys! 🙂

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Denim Phone Case/Pouch For iPhone or Any Other Smartphone

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