Make a Necklace with Plastic Pendant

We now live an era where accessories is so essential to every woman. We match our accessories with our clothes, shoes and even bags. But, we also live in an era where plastic pollution is abundant. We tend to be careless with our actions and sometimes even forget to care with our planet.


So, I have here an easy tutorial on how us, girls, can save up and at the same time save our mother nature. All you need to do is to get your supplies and get started.






  1. Get your empty bottles and cut it out into a leaf-shaped plastics as much as you can. Cut them into different sizes so it will not look dull. In every leaf, use a cutter to draw a line on the middle of the leaf (so it will look like a leaf). Cut each side’s slits all the way down to the tip.

  1. Punch a hole on the upper tip of the leaf by using a needle.

  1. Paint the leaves with silver and prepare your beads. You can use your desired beads or gems.

Below are the supplies I used for my necklace. Use the pin head to insert the white bead and gold bead and cut it by using a pliers. Twist the remaining pin head so the beads won’t slip. Attach the beads and leaves with the jumprings.


  1. When you’re done, attach the first bead to the middle of the chain. Now you’ll know how much space you need for the next beads. Attach the remaining beads one by one and put it alternately.

And your new DIY necklace is now finished!

Experiment by adding more beads and accent on the necklace. You can also use more varieties of colored plastic bottles and beads. Just enjoy and have fun. Remember, you’re not only saving your pockets but our nature, as well.




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Make a Necklace with Plastic Pendant

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