Make a Pineapple Pen Holder From a Plastic Bottle

Nowadays, we are experiencing Global warming and it’s because of the human race. We have become insensitive towards our natural world and forgot to take care of it. One of the problems that we are facing right now is plastic pollution. It has negatively affected our nature and all the living things that surround us. So, we, humans have to do our part in helping our nature. Instead of throwing all our plastic bottles, why not make it into something useful?  Something we can use at home or at our office.

I have here a simple way on how we can help our mother Earth. Just follow the steps below.


STEP 1: Draw your desired design on your bottle using the black marker.

STEP 2: With the use of a cutter, carefully cut the bottle according to its pattern. Use a pair of scissors to detail the design.

STEP 3: Paint the bottle with a white paint. Let it dry. The white paint will serve as its base color.

STEP 4: After, paint your pen holder according to your design’s color. Just remember to let the paint dry from time to time so you won’t mess it up.

And there you go. You now have your very own pen holder. Just don’t forget to enjoy while making this project, remember, you’re not only helping our nature but all the living things around us, too.


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Make a Pineapple Pen Holder From a Plastic Bottle

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