Making USA Flag Shorts from a Pair of Jeans


Each and everyone of us has this old pair of pants that we want to get rid of. In my case, I have too many. So,instead of throwing them away, I have thought of upcycling them. This way, we can help save our planet and our pockets, too. You may also apply your creativity and use whatever design you like.

I have decided to use the American Flag design because I’m a huge fan of these superheroes – Captain America and Wonderwoman. In fact, I already have the perfect pair of customized shoes that will match this outfit.

So now, let’s get started. Just grab the supplies needed, follow the steps and you’re good to go!

Supplies Needed:

(1)Acrylic/Textile paint: red, blue and white (2)paint brush (3) pair of scissors (4) old denim shorts (5) paper for tracing (6) pencil



  • Get your old pair of pants/shorts. Cut it according to your desired length.
  • Draw a star on a piece of paper and cut the inner part of it. Use the stencil as a guide in perfecting your star. On the right side of your old jeans, paint through the star using a white acrylic paint.
  • After filling the right side of your jeans with white stars, paint the background with a blue acrylic paint.
  • On the left side of your jeans, paint it with color red and white. It has to be painted vertically and alternately. No need to use for a ruler in painting these lines. It’s the imperfections that will may your work perfect.
  • Lastly, make sure to let the paint dry from time to time so you won’t mess it up.

And here you go, my very own USA shorts. Paired it with a white top and a customized Wonderwoman shoes.

Try it out yourself and enjoy DIY-ing. Have fun!

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Making USA Flag Shorts from a Pair of Jeans

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