Upcycle plastic bottle into a Rocket Coin Bank




It’s the most beautiful time of the year- December. It’s the month of giving and sharing all the blessings that we’ve received all throughout the year. It’s also the favourite month of the children, because it’s the time of the year where they receive a lot of presents from their parents, relatives, and friends. Surely they are now counting down days until Christmas day.


Speaking of Christmas day and gift giving, I almost forgot that I only have a few days left to buy Christmas presents for my little cousins. Good thing I remember that I want to give them something that they could use daily and at the same time learn from it. I have decided of giving them a coin bank so they would learn how to value money. And to make my present extra special, I DIY-ed it.


My cousins are all boys so I thought of making them a rocket coin bank. I also make use of the empty bottles I collected at home. This way, I will not only make my little boys happy but our planet, too.


Now, let’s get started. Get your supplies and follow the steps carefully.


(1) Empty Bottle of Water (2) Ruler (3) Paint Brush (4) Cutter (5) Pencil

(6) Craft Paper (7) Pair of Scissors (8) Tape (9) Acrylic Paint


  1. With the use of a cutter and a pair of scissors, make a coin slot on the upper part of the bottle. Make sure that a single penny could fit into that slot.

  1. Draw a circle on the white craft board and cut it out. Draw a half line from the middle to the bottom part of the circle. Make sure that each side will be divided equally. Cut through the half line.

  1. Roll the circle until you come up with a cone-shaped paper. Use a tape or glue to attach the cone into the cap of the bottle.

  1. On a piece of clean craft paper, draw the fins of the rocket and put an extra half-inch sized on it. Cut out the fins and fold the extra half-inch. It’s use to attach the fins to the body of the rocket.

  1. Cut out a rectangular and circle-shaped form from the paper and tape it to the body of the bottle. For the circle, make a coin slot and glue it on the bottle where the coin slot was made. Attach the fins by using a glue or tape.

  1. Paint your rocket with whatever color you want. Use a black paint or marker to draw details.


And here you go, I got my cousins’ presents for Christmas. I would be making more of this as I would also save one for myself. Hope you guys learned that looking for Christmas presents can also be more fun when upcycling or recycling is involved. Have fun making your own coin bank and enjoy saving planet Earth! 🙂


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Upcycle plastic bottle into a Rocket Coin Bank

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